How Sharebert is leveraging virtual reality to bring esport experiences to consumers.

Virtually Unlimited Impact

Leveraging a combination of esports networks, virtual reality, and physical hardware advancements, we build and deploy custom managed virtual reality experiences.

These experiences are opportunities to connect with, share, and engage clientele or staff like never before, leaving them with unforgettable memories and knowledge.

Lifelike One-to-One Scale

Our designers & engineers can craft one-to-one experiences so lifelike, they can be used for everything from entertaining glimpses inside the life of a fighter pilot, to detailed instructional training in fields ranging from aerospace, defense, construction, heavy machinery operation, social training, and more.

Experiential Education

Educating through entertainment has always been one of the most viable forms of content delivery, but in the age of YouTube, and TikTok, consumers are more often seeking bite-sized specific information, and experiences they can share.

According to Christine Greenhow, associate professor of educational technology at MSU, creating environments where subjects are "set up to think deeply and critically about subject matter" can be "as good or better than in-person classroom learning".

This content delivery can be made as a full exhibit or attraction to draw an ongoing audience, at a trade show when you need to make a lasting impression on a prospective client, or through an entire curriculum, create subject matter expertise without ever setting foot near costly and dangerous machinery or scenarios.

Tying It All Together

We've put together a collaborative network and team of experts from all walks of life, and with specializations in a multitude of positions and industries.

From building the systems with decades of coding and network experience, to the managed services and reliable support of hardware, to experiential and influencer marketing expertise, and hundreds of thousands of flight hours from virtual pilots around the globe, we have what it takes to bring your virtual experience to fruition.

Our team will provide you with catered creatives through every step of the process to build precisely the custom solution that you need to wow your clients, train your team, and leave an impact.