Impactful virtual experiences.

Take a look at our latest project, the FaZe Clan Dreamland:

Sharebert partnered with the American Dream, the 2nd largest mall in the US, and the most popular esports org in the world, FaZe Clan for the FaZe Clan Dreamland project.

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Sharebert's War Server brought together hundreds of STEM students during a pandemic.

Scientifically-minded college students, along with real world pilots, found themselves sitting in VR, fully functional cockpits utilized to train the US Air National Guard, the French Air Force, and more.

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Utilizing the latest in virtual reality technology, simulation software, and multiplayer problem solving, Sharebert is educating staff & consumers.

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Our Fortnite Royale Rumble Tournament featured some of Twitch's top talent, and more than 7.4 million live viewers.

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